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At Sampson Dunlap LLP, we know you want to feel in control of your future.

When you cannot work because you are injured, ill, or disabled, you are stripped of a basic human right. You cannot care for your family, you cannot control your future, and you struggle to see a way forward.

In a society where we pay taxes our entire working lives, you should not have to fight so hard to collect benefits that are rightfully yours.

We are here to help.

With 30 years of expertise and thousands of successful claims behind us, the team at Sampson Dunlap LLP know how to navigate the complicated SSI/SSDI Disability Claims Processes. We have met wonderful people on our journey who have been left hopeless and desperate by a system that just does not care.

We serve you because we care. Our greatest motivation is to see our clients getting the benefits they deserve so they can restore hope and plan the future they deserve.

Key Practice Areas

Social Security Disability

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, or if your initial application for benefits has been denied, we can help you.

Class Action & AntiTrust

Consumers who purchased four brands of contact lenses are now members of a certified class pending before a Federal District Judge in Jacksonville, Florida.

Meet The Team

Co-founder & Attorney

George Sampson

Specializing in prosecuting complex antitrust cases

George Sampson has 35 years of experience prosecuting complex antitrust cases on behalf of consumers and small businesses.

He began his career in antitrust enforcement in 1984, when he joined the New York Attorney General’s Antitrust Bureau. He served as an Assistant Attorney General for 10 years, the last two years (1992-1994) as Chief of the Antitrust Bureau. Then he was an antitrust partner at Seattle’s preeminent plaintiffs’ class action firm for 20 years.

George co-founded Sampson Dunlap LLP, in 2015, and has continued his prosecution of antitrust class actions on behalf of consumers and employees.

Co-founder & Attorney

Lucinda Dunlap

Specializing in Social Security Disability and Social Security Insurance cases
Lucinda also works on personal injury cases, and has practiced family law, elder law, trusts and estates. She formerly worked in the area of housing justice.

Over the course of her career, she has received several awards for her pro bono legal service from the King County Bar Association.

Case Manager & Marketing

Juli Plourde

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